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The HRCC's New Pre-Apprenticeship Program

A New Pathway to Success

This September marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for individuals aspiring to join the construction industry in Hawaii. The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters (HRCC), in collaboration with The Hawaii Carpenters Apprenticeship & Training Fund (HCATF), unveiled a revolutionary Pre-Apprenticeship Program. This initiative is set to pave a smoother pathway for those looking to build a career in carpentry, drywall, or millwright work.

Get Trained: Laying the Groundwork for Success

At the heart of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a commitment to comprehensive training. Participants spend a week in Kapolei’s state-of-the-art facilities, diving into the fundamentals of their chosen trade and mastering essential safety protocols. This period is also an opportunity to secure certifications like First Aid and OSHA-10, which are invaluable in the construction industry.

Get Paid: Earning While Learning

Understanding the industry first-hand is crucial. The program includes four weeks of paid, on-site work, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the real-world environment of construction sites. This is not just about earning a wage; it’s about gaining practical skills, understanding the day-to-day demands of the job, and forging a connection with the field.

Get Credit: Jumpstarting the Apprenticeship Journey

One of the most significant benefits of completing the Pre-Apprenticeship Program is the head start it provides. The hours participants spend training and working are credited towards a full apprenticeship, accelerating their journey into a fulfilling and lucrative career.

The Framework for Success 

The HRCC’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program is more than just preliminary training; it’s a well-structured bridge to registered apprenticeship programs. Aligned with the U.S. Department of Labor’s framework, it focuses on equipping individuals with the skills needed for quality employment and upward mobility. The program places special emphasis on reaching underrepresented job seekers, ensuring that the benefits of a career in construction are accessible to all.

The Takeaway 

With the launch of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program, HRCC and HCATF are opening doors for many to enter and excel in the construction industry. By providing essential training, real-world experience, and a head start on apprenticeship credits, they are setting up participants for success. This initiative not only benefits the individuals who partake in it but also enriches the construction industry with skilled, prepared, and motivated workers. As this program grows, so does the promise of a stronger, more diverse workforce driving Hawaii’s construction industry forward.

A detailed infographic about benefits of pre-apprenticeship programs.
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