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Championing Patient Safety 

Queens Hospital & Hawaiian Dredging Pave the Way with Endorsement of Local ICRA Training

Advancing Patient Safety: The Critical Role of ICRA Training in Healthcare Construction 

In Hawaii, where the demand for quality healthcare is as perpetual as the waves, Queens Hospital has taken a pioneering step by endorsing the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) training program offered by The Hawaii Carpenters Apprenticeship & Training Fund (HCATF). This initiative underscores the critical role of construction professionals in maintaining and enhancing patient safety, marking a significant stride in the intersection of healthcare and construction industries.

ICRA Training: A Shield Against Infection 

HCATF’s ICRA training is an integral component in combating potential pathogens that construction activities might stir up within healthcare facilities. These activities, often necessary for upgrades or expansions, can inadvertently endanger patients by releasing harmful agents. The training program meticulously prepares construction workers to understand and mitigate these risks effectively, ensuring they maintain the highest safety standards while enhancing the facility’s infrastructure.

Participants from the 24 Hour ICRA course pose proudly inside an HCATF classroom, with certificates in hand.

The Start Reality and ICRA’s Response 

With secondary infections in hospitals leading to nearly 99,000 fatalities annually, the need for rigorous infection control during construction projects cannot be overstated. ICRA training stands as a bulwark against this threat, equipping construction professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to minimize infection risks and protect the most vulnerable patients.

Tailored Training for Local Needs 

Understanding the unique challenges of Hawaii’s healthcare landscape, HCATF offers both an 8-hour and 24-hour ICRA course. This flexible approach ensures a broad spectrum of workers can benefit from the training, which combines theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience. Successful participants are awarded an HCATF ICRA badge and certificate, symbolizing their commitment and expertise in infection control.

Endorsed Curriculum and Expertise 

To maintain the highest quality and relevancy, HCATF’s ICRA curriculum, developed in collaboration between the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) and The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF), is regularly reviewed by industry experts. This ensures that every participant receives the most up-to-date training, aligning with emerging construction trends and healthcare needs.

Participants from the 24 Hour ICRA course pose proudly inside the HCATF Training Center in Kapolei.

Partnership in Action: Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company 

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC), tasked with maintaining and improving Queens Hospital’s facilities, embodies the commitment to safety and excellence by ensuring their workforce is ICRA-trained. This collaboration highlights the shared goal of both the construction and healthcare industries to safeguard patient health and well-being.

A Community Committed to Safety 

The endorsement of HCATF’s ICRA training by Queens Hospital and the commitment shown by HDCC reflect a broader community dedication to patient safety and quality healthcare. These partnerships are not just transforming healthcare facilities; they’re saving lives and setting new safety benchmarks for the construction industry in Hawaii.

The Takeaway 

The collaboration between Queens Hospital, HDCC, and HCATF in championing ICRA training is more than an industry development; it’s a community commitment to patient safety and healthcare excellence. As this program continues to grow, it promises to shape a future where every construction project within healthcare settings is synonymous with heightened safety and reduced risk, ultimately leading to healthier, safer patient environments across Hawaii.

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