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Building Houses, Skills & Community

HCATF Partners with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing on Maui.

Building Dreams: The Kahoma Project’s Impact on Maui Families and Apprentices

West Maui welcomes the Kahoma Project, an innovative residential community designed to blend quality, affordability, and sustainability in the historic town of Lahaina. This 20.5-acre master-planned development is more than just a housing complex; it’s a vibrant community offering a range of high-quality homes while fostering education and skill development for the next generation of tradespeople.

Affordable Housing with a Vision

At the heart of the Kahoma Project are ten homes sponsored by Habitat for Humanity Maui, featuring 2 to 4-bedroom layouts tailored to meet a variety of family needs. With sizes ranging from 800 to 1,200 square feet, these affordable homes are built to accommodate both comfort and community. The development promotes greener living through the integration of sidewalks and bike paths, encouraging residents to adopt more sustainable transportation habits.

A Synergy of Learning and Building

The project transcends traditional housing developments by providing hands-on learning opportunities for apprentices from HCATF, in a groundbreaking partnership with UH Maui College and Habitat for Humanity. This collaboration allows apprentices in various trades—carpentry, drywalling, roofing, masonry, and painting—to contribute to real-world construction projects. Through off-campus class outings to the Kahoma site, apprentices are involved in building houses from the foundation up, gaining comprehensive experience in residential construction.

Progress and Promise

The commitment of UH Maui College and the apprenticeship programs has catalyzed the project’s progression. To date, two families have settled into their new homes, with another move-in anticipated by the end of the Fall 2020 semester. Additionally, two more homes are on the horizon for completion in the upcoming spring. Habitat for Humanity’s dedication to offering these homes at zero interest and no profit underscores their commitment to building a stronger, more stable community through accessible housing.

The Takeaway

The Kahoma Project stands as a beacon of innovation and community collaboration in Maui. It not only provides affordable, quality homes for families but also serves as a dynamic learning environment for apprentices, shaping the skilled workforce of tomorrow. As more families move into their new homes and more apprentices build on their experience, the Kahoma Project continues to weave strength and stability into the fabric of the community.

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