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Brotherhood Has No Boundaries

Building Inter-Island Community through Apprenticeship

The Enduring Bonds of Brotherhood: Building Community in Hawaii’s Apprenticeship Programs 

The essence of apprenticeship goes beyond learning trade skills; it’s about forging enduring bonds and building a community. Training Coordinator Errol Kusunoki shares poignant reflections on how apprenticeship creates a unique brotherhood among tradesworkers, transcending the physical distances between Hawaii’s islands.

The Daily Grind and Camaraderie
In construction, the sacrifices are many, especially the long hours spent away from loved ones. Despite the challenges, tradesworkers build more than structures; they forge lasting relationships. The time spent working, eating, and even joking around on-site creates a deep-seated camaraderie. These bonds transform coworkers into extended family, sharing hobbies, interests, and life’s trials and triumphs.

Lessons from the Journey

Kusunoki reminisces about his time as an apprentice, learning from journeymen across the state. Despite the varying attitudes and skills of each journeyworker, the lessons in attitude, attendance, and safety were universal. He acknowledges the critical role of criticism in shaping him into a well-rounded tradesperson, underscoring the value of mentorship and community in personal and professional growth.

Inter-Island Brotherhood
Working on projects across Maui and Lanai brought Kusunoki closer to the inter-island community of tradesworkers. Living and working in close quarters with dozens of coworkers on Lanai presented its challenges, but also opportunities for bonding over shared experiences like BBQs and football games. He shares a special mention of his foreman, Edwin Caspillo, whose leadership and camaraderie exemplified the spirit of brotherhood.

Unique Challenges and Unwavering Bonds

Hawaii’s geography presents unique challenges for apprenticeship programs, with workers often needing to travel between islands. Despite these obstacles, the sense of brotherhood among tradesworkers remains unwavering. As technology improves communication and support across the islands, the HCATF ohana continues to strengthen its bonds, ensuring that every member feels supported and connected.

The Takeaway 

The apprenticeship experience in Hawaii is unique not just for its skill-building but for the deep bonds of brotherhood it fosters among tradesworkers. As they build the physical landscape of Hawaii, they also construct a supportive network of peers and mentors. The brotherhood formed through these programs lasts a lifetime, echoing the sentiment: “Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Always be willing to help your brother succeed.”

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