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Daily Progress Records

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Submit your Daily Progress Records (DPRs) through the HCATF Mobile App to track your hours and get paid. Click here to download to your mobile device and learn the basics.

How to Submit
  • Download the HCATF app to your mobile device and activate your account.
  • Log in and click the DPR tile.
  • Watch the tutorial to learn how to fill our your form.
  • Complete your DPR in the app and submit each month.
  • Detailed instructions are available at
  1. Download this form and complete all fields.
  2. You may also use a traditional form if you have them on hand.
  3. Have your employer complete the listed evaluation and sign the form.
  4. Make a copy for your records (photocopy/take a photo), or include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  5. Mail your completed, original form to our address (listed on the top of the form).
  1. If you have ZERO hours to report, you may call in your hours.
  2. Please call the HCATF Office at (808) 848-0794.
Use Our App
Submit your DPRs via the HCATF Mobile App. Click below for more information and to download.
Mail Your DPR
Submit your DPRs by mail. Be sure to include a self-addressed envelope with your submission.
Call In 0 Hours
If you are reporting ZERO hours for the month, you can simply call us to confirm over the phone.