COVID-19 Updates

As we navigate the impact of the coronavirus, we’re taking extra precautions to safeguard our apprentices. We’re continuing to make changes to face this unprecedented challenge head-on.

Locations & Schedules

  • Our administrative offices are closed to the public, but our staff is still providing services by phone, email and fax.
  • Our Training Center is back in operation. Please familiarize yourself with our new policies and procedures as well as our full Reopening Plan.
  • Make sure to read our email communications for the latest news about class sessions. Schedules are subject to change as events unfold.

Online Procedures

Work Resources

  • Job call is still running. Please call (808) 847-5761 x 9 to check your status on the list. 
  • Each employer is free to implement their own COVID-19 response policies. 
  • Please contact your employer directly to discuss the specific action they may have in place, and whether work schedules will continue as planned.
  • If you have questions about the Union, please contact the Regional Office at (808) 847-5761.
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